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Spirulina Spray



Breathe life anew.

Feel healthier, younger, and more energetic. Spirulina Spray is food for a healthy body and soul.

Designed for daily use to enrich the body with active and well-absorbed compounds.

The unique cell-opening technology of “Cell Disruption” allows the extraction and use of the entire composition of spirulina ingredients in an active form, without damaging or destroying the positive qualities themselves.

  • Mental function
  • Immunity
  • Energy


Spirulina Spray
Food supplement

Spirulina (Lat. Spirulina Platensis) Helps maintain normal body tone and vitality.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Ingredients: Moisturizer glycerol, spirulina (Lot. Spirulina Platensis) extract (0.5% open cell spirulina extract produced by Cell Disruption Technology), preservative citric acid, preservative potassium sorbate, preservative sodium benzoate.

Neto weight: 10 ml
Portion 1 spray (0.01g)
Quantity 100g 1.01g
Energy value 30kj 7 kcal
Fats 0.1g 0.1%
Salt 0.036g 0.04%
Carbs 0.6g 0.6%
– from which fibers 0.1g 0.1%
– from which sugars 0.5g 0.5%
Water 97.76g 97.76%
Proteins 0.9g 0.9%
Phycobiliproteins 0.8g 0.8%
Chlorophyll 0.15g 0.15%
Carotenoids 0.04g 0.04%

It is recommended to use 3 sprays per day. Spray on the oral mucosa, under the tongue.

Amount of spirulina (Lat. Spirulina Platensis) extract per dose
0.5% open spirulina cell extract made using spirulina “Cell Disruption Technology” 

1 Spray (0,1 ml): Spirulina quantity – 0,05 mcg.
3 Spray (0,3 ml): Spirulina quantity – 0,15 mcg.

The effect 

Thanks to the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins contained in spirulina, the necessary supply of the body with essential nutrients is ensured. 

Who should use this product? 

This product is for anyone interested in meeting their basic vitamin and mineral supplement needs. 

What is special about the production technology of Spirulina Spray? 

“Cell Disruption Technology” spirulina extract is a technology that completely breaks down spirulina algae cells into small fragments, releasing biologically active substances into the medium vitamins, carotenoids, chlorophylls, proteins, amino acids, etc. 


Pregnant women should consult their doctor before using a food supplement. 

Do not exceed the prescribed recommended dose.
The food supplement should not be used as a substitute for food.

Store at a temperature of 2-8 OC, in a dark place out of the reach of children.
The contents of the opened package must be consumed within 1 month 

Lot No. Best Before (End): See on the package. 

Made in the EU