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We invite you to become FITOTERRA partners and develop new product development and present already developed products. Our aspiration is to change people’s quality of life, so we are united by trust and mutual cooperation. We are open to new challenges and can offer the possibility of cooperation in further phases of new product development. Since we work only with professionals in our field, we ensure the highest quality and exclusivity as well as innovative solutions.

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Spirulina (lat. Algae Platensis) is chosen based on its properties, not only in terms of ingredients, but also the fact that the oxygen released during photosynthesis by these algae makes up about 73-87% of the total oxygen released in the world. Algae is designated as an “environmentally friendly” raw material, and the production technology is strictly regulated does not have a negative impact on the environment, and conserves natural resources. Modern scientific research principles of plant materials are used in the production, the uniqueness of which is the Cellular disruption technology spirulina raw material that forms the basis and the cell breakdown production technology.

Due to the unique cell disruption technology and manufacturing solutions, the products are definitely given an exclusivity and advantage in the market. “Cellular Disruption” technology enables the direct extraction and use of the entire cell composition of spirulina (lat. Algae Platensis) without damaging or destroying the active substances present in the cell. Using the existing technology of free cell components, the spirulina membrane is broken down in a non-mechanical and non-chemical way, as a result of which the substances in the cell are prepared for their more effective penetration.

“Cellular disruption technology” spirulina products are focused on the specific needs of the market, created from carefully selected ingredients that meet the highest quality GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO (International Standards Organization) standards at all stages of production, GMO-free (Genetically modified organism).

Introducing the new FITOTERRA product line with “Cellular Disruption technology” Disrupted cells spirulina, created based on the latest scientific discoveries.

The FITOTERRA line of cosmetic products combines the traditions of phytotherapy and scientific progress. The modern scientific research principles of plant materials have been applied to the production of cosmetic products, the uniqueness of which is the cell disruption spirulina that forms the basis of it (“Cell disruption technology” Spirulina), which is extracted by a safe method of breaking the cell membrane. High-quality concentrated cosmetic products are made using the most modern technologies without compromising the healing properties of spirulina. The method of disintegrating spirulina cells into separate fractions allows the biological activity of each component to be effective and efficient, and intensifies the respective effect and skin response.