Cell disruption technologyspirulina extract – it is a technology that completely breaks down spirulina algae cells into small fragments, releasing biologically active substances into the medium – vitamins, carotenoids, chlorophylls, proteins, amino acids, etc. The result is a higher extracted amount of useful spirulina elements and an increased surface area for spirulina extraction: the finer the spirulina is broken down, the more open cells appear from which useful elements are extracted.

The essence of technology

The essence of the technology is that the cells are broken down in cold, ultra-pure water into small fragments using combined methods, including mechanical disintegration, disintegration by melting ice and exposure to acoustic waves. Most of the biologically active components in the spirulina extract degraded by these methods are not degraded. It is especially important that the cells are destroyed by water, so no chemicals are used, the product remains as natural as the dry spirulina mass raw material used.

Spirulina milteliai
Spirulina powder - dehydrated mechanically crushed spirulina. Microelements are covered by an indigestible membrane.
Spirulina prisotinama vandeniu
Spirulina is saturated with water, the spirulina shell and bacterial membrane are broken down.
Watersplit suskystintos spirulinos
Watersplit liquefied spirulina concentrate nutrients are easily absorbed in a special liquid medium.

Thanks to the broken membrane of the bacterium, the amount of nutrients in the cell, such as lipids, proteins, pigments, etc., is increased. resorption in the human body.

The thick multi-layered cell wall of spirulina makes the extraction of biologically active substances one of the most difficult tasks and the most expensive part of the whole process.

Isolation of bioelements accumulated in algae cells into separate fractions according to biochemical composition is another difficult and expensive task.

The used methods of breaking down algae cells have one or another disadvantages:

  • Mechanical – inconvenient, long-lasting, difficult to apply in large-scale production, and low efficiency, and some of them require a lot of energy and are expensive.
  • Enzymatic/chemical – effective, but still extremely expensive. Chemical processes change the structure and properties of the protein, the result is that the primary protein of spirulina is broken down and the structure of active bioelements is changed.


The result of the “Cell Disruption technology” is not only a higher extracted amount of useful elements of spirulina but also palmist’s natural bioactive substances into the liquid medium..

Using the technology of freed cell components, the spirulina membrane is broken down safely and without damaging the positive properties of the cell. The method of disintegrating spirulina cells into separate fractions allows the biological activity of each composition component to manifest effectively and efficiently, intensifying the corresponding effect and response in the human body. It is these named properties that will determine the decision of consumers to choose products with active spirulina components.

Spirulina algae

The isolated active bioelements of spirulina can be used in various areas of the modern biotechnology industry:

  • Medicine and pharmacy: prevention (food supplements to activate the immune system, energy products); treatment (viral-microbial infections, inflammations, cancer, organoprotective-detoxifying action); diagnostics (cancer markers).
  • Cosmetology, dermatology and beauty industry (slowing down skin aging processes, reducing scarring).
  • Veterinary medicine (prevention, treatment and diagnostics).
  • Food industry (enrichment of food products with bioactive amino acids, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals).
  • Agriculture (livestock, poultry – complete feed, rich in necessary bioelements).
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