FFITOTERRA goal – to create innovative, exclusive products and to find such solutions that not only restore and strengthen individual skin functions, but also successfully solve problems related to strengthening the entire skin system. In cooperation with scientific institutions and laboratories, thanks to the technology of spirulina cells broken by “cell disruption technology”, we can offer skin care products to the market, maintaining all the active components in them, which undoubtedly gives the user a unique opportunity to maintain the youth, elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin even today.

FITOTERRA line of cosmetic products combines the traditions of phytotherapy and scientific progress. Modern scientific research principles of plant materials are applied to the production of cosmetic products, the uniqueness of which is the open cell spirulina (Cell Disruption Technology Spirulina), which is their basis, and is extracted using a safe cell membrane disruption technologya. High-quality, concentrated cosmetic products are made using the most modern technologies, without compromising the healing properties of spirulina. The method of disintegrating spirulina cells into separate fractions allows the biological activity of each component of the composition to manifest effectively and efficiently, intensifying the corresponding effect and response in the body. By creating an antioxidant protection of the skin layers, cosmetic products stop the effects of these unwanted factors. The natural source of biologically active substances allows you to get the most diverse and complete set of skin protection and care products. Thanks to the “Cell Disruption” technology, the entire unique cell composition of the active substance can be used directly as an active cosmetic raw material without damaging or destroying the biologically active ingredients. Cosmetic products enhance the activity of enzymes in the nuclei of skin cells, stimulate DNA regeneration, and regulate the protection of skin cells against free radicals.

FITOTERRA – the most advanced and comprehensive skin care line, thanks to science and innovation, can significantly slow down the aging of your skin. Spirulina in cosmetics are ingredients created by nature, which purposefully affect the processes of your skin and provide it with the necessary components. Plant-based ingredients extracted from spirulina cells and thanks to advanced technology integrated into cosmetic products that could be compared to the elixir of youth.

Effects of FITOTERRA cosmetics on the skin:

Youthful skin structure
Skin smoothness
Pigment spots are reduced
Reduces pores
Skin purity and glow
Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable
Skin integrity

Cosmetic products are created taking into account specific needs for strengthening facial skin functions, from carefully selected ingredients that meet the highest quality GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate and ISO (International Standards Organization) standards, without GMO (Genetically modified organism). Spirulina (lat. Algae Platensis) is chosen based on its properties not only in terms of ingredients, but also the fact that oxygen is released during photosynthesis carried out by these algae. Algae is described as an “environmentally friendly” raw material, and the production technology is strictly regulated and does not have a negative impact on the environment and conserves natural resources.

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